About company

Our Vision

ALP Security (ALPSec) is a company aiming to provide superb security services covering our customers’ needs. We focus on navigating you through rough times of these days by utilising our knowledge and experience, using the best of open source and commercial state of the art tools.

We have very solid grasp of the cyber space, which help us to get to the root-cause of your struggle very efficiently and help you to get to the higher ground. 

Our story

We, the three founding partners (Ales Vokal, Lukas Futera, Pavel Gadzuk), bring together three unique profiles combining altogether over 60 years of experience in information security, enterprise architecture and operations. Our initials form the base of the company’s name (ALP) and our expertise represents ingredients of a three-star Michelin signature dish.

Management team (in alphabetical order)

Ales Vokal

Ales focuses on running company operations and maintaining customer relations. He acts as managing director of ALPSec.

Professional profile


Ales has focused his whole career on building and maintaining enterprise architecture from different viewpoints – maintaining day-to-day operations, building customer and media relations. He has founded and acted in several start-ups and in between he has worked in management roles in IT and project management in various government bodies in the Czech Republic.

Lukas Futera

Lukas focuses on developing advanced security offerings and products in ALP Security. He plays key role in providing the best deliverables to our customers.

Professional profile


Lukas has dedicated his career to information security since 2006, when he joined DHL IT Services as an IT Security consultant. Until 2014, he has worked in several different roles in large corporations and small companies, focusing on:

At the end of 2014, he joined a Swiss start-up called Centralway Numbrs, company building very comprehensive and secure mobile banking platform in Germany and UK. He was focusing on the overall product security during whole product lifecycle (architecture, secure development, infrastructure security, secure deployment and of course security assessment – penetration testing).

Currently, Lukas is focusing on building security in another Swiss start-up (Orca AG) and running ALPSec (ALP Security ltd).

He published two CVEs related to vulnerabilities discovered in mainstream iOS websocket library (CVE-2017-5887, CVE-2017-7192) and wrote an article in Pentest magazine (Writing an Effective Penetration Testing Report).

Pavel Gadzuk

Pavel is an experienced system engineer focused mainly on network management, datacenter management and security architecture. He has been an independent contractor his whole professional career and has worked with diverse set of technologies and customers. He has designed (and contributed to) number of different high-profile systems in areas of IoT, CDN, education infrastructure.

Pavel has also designed number of networking infrastructures for tens of SME businesses, including activities such as creating the initial design, complete acquisition, setup and security configuration followed by network monitoring and incident management.


Our team holds a very solid number of different certifications that help us to show commitment, erudition and establishment in our area of expertise.

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